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Precognisent Alphas, known as Precogs in the shorthand, are Alphas that possess an understanding of probable near future events. This ability is made possible by highly developed pattern recognition and a strong tendancy to systemise and mentally simulate objects and interactions in their environment.


Emotionally Distant, Perfectionist, Introspective, Decisive


Due to the nature of their abilities Precogs often live in their heads, usually choosing to behave in a way that from their point view is simply the optimalised choice for a desired outcome. This behaviour often makes the Alpha seem emotionally distant from those close them. Additionally the unforseen outcomes of what is often externally perseived as spontanious decisions can be unnerving to others.

Thanks to the huge volumes of data that have to be absorbed by a Precogs brain in order for their abilities to function, most Alphas of this type have above average IQ and an unsually large knowledge base. The unfortunate downside of this high data throughput are headaches and increased mental fatigue.

Common ProfessionsEdit

Precogs are often found as professional gambers, stock brokers, Statisticians or even First Responders in emergency service roles.

Precog have also been known to make good martial artists and extreme sportsmen, but the nature of their ability and personality usually prevents this being a career.

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